A snapshot of life

There was peace and then there was peace. Mirabella shifted from where she sat. Legs crossed, arms crossed and expression agitated. Barefoot as she was, the grass tickled her feet, and the wind sent shivers into her hair and goosed at her skin. But Mirabella was at peace. It was winter, and the trees rose … Continue reading A snapshot of life

Helen Garner – The Spare Room

Scratches and Scribbles Helen Garner The Spare Room

“I was no use to anyone in this state, poisoned and choking with rage,” thought our narrator. It hadn’t helped that as the professor left, he couldn’t help but part a remark over his shoulder. “Much better weather we’ve been having this week, isn’t it?” “A perfect novel,” Peter Carey called it. Not without its … Continue reading Helen Garner – The Spare Room